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[Crederia] .:Spring's First Steps 1:. by Pietastic-games [Crederia] .:Spring's First Steps 1:. by Pietastic-games

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It was a rainy day when young Sei walked too far on her own and got lost from her family. Realizing this, she panicked, pushing her deeper and deeper into the forest and getting helplessly lost. Spring had just begun, and Sei was so eager about all the new plant life, but with spring comes lots and lots of rain. This made it harder for her to navigate around, and made everything look dark and scary. After hours of searching a way out, the little bab was on the verge to crying. It was then when a bright red figure appeared over her. It was the delivery boy that would bring her family exciting packages! Since he knew his way around all the areas nearby including the forest, Sei trusted him to guide her home.

"Watch your step," he suddenly blurted out when they were nearing what seemed to be an exit out.

Sei was so excited that she might be reunited with her family, she didn't listen to what he said and... WOOP! She slipped! That log was a lot more slippy than she anticipated when she jumped onto it.

Zero in contrasted climbed over it careful and checked if little Sei was okay.

YAY my first prompt... prompt! My friend KlockworkKat and I were talking about interactions for this prompt, and she said Zero should help Seikilos find her way home one day when they were traveling. So that's what I drew! :3c Hope you don't mind the little blurb that came with it. Also I imagined Sei would have the same hairstyle throughout her life to make her all the more ordinary. *snorts* Zero on the other hand didn't become "cool" until his teen years. This was when he still used to live with his family and would work a delivery job to make up for his dad's frivolous spending...

By the way, I decided to try a lineless style for the babs so they might match the background more? Hopefully it came out okay, I might play with my brush settings more.

- Zero [Crederia] .:Zero App:. by Pietastic-games
- Seikilos Seikilos Crederia Registry by KlockworkKat

Spring's First Steps
Number: 1

Mantibabs (c)PhloxeButt
Seikilos (c)KlockworkKat 
Zero and art (c) Pietastic-games/Pietastic-Creations
gemboundGoat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Student General Artist
ahhhhh this is so precious pie!!!! 
NotDamien Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017
KlockworkKat Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2017  Hobbyist
omghsadfhasg this is so cute i might just CRY AAAH Sei would DEFINITELY have the same doofy blunt haircut her whole life LMAO

Also I love how they both have those bright teal accents *Q* I hadn't noticed that similarity before-- they look so super cute together ajhlskfh 

THANK YOU for drawing my sweet baby in the prompt, Pie ; ___ ; It's so good seeing these two together!!!!
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